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ENCORE is a member-run organization for individuals who are 50+ years in age. We operate under the auspices of Clatsop Community College to offer short-term courses and activities, which are usually led by members. Membership is inexpensive and most activities are offered at no charge.

The Fall Class summary list

is available here. Details are available from the links on the left side of the class page.

Classes have started, but you are still welcome to attend any sessions that sound interesting to you. If you are a member, just come. If you are not a member but think that you might want to become one, just come! You may attend two classes as a guest before becoming a member.

Here are descriptions of recent classes and trips:

In October 2015 Erhard Gross organized a three-day field trip to several coastal Washington Native American tribal centers. Here are some photos taken by Cecilia and Doug Balcomb during the trip:

WA field trip montage 1

WA field trip montage 2

In May 2015 Art Limbird presented a three-session seminar about wolves in North America, culminating in a field trip to Wolf Haven in Tenino, WA.

The classroom presentations covered the myths and facts about wolves, and the bad and good news about human interaction with and effects on the animals over the last 300 years. For the third session 27 ENCORE members traveled by van to Wolf Haven, where we saw several of the animals who are in limited access public viewing areas. These animals are rescued "pets" and zoo animals who would otherwise have been euthanized, and who are cared for in ways that allow them the companionship of other wolves and appropriate mental and physical exercise. Wolf Haven also participates in the government program of breeding specially selected wolves for pups that will be released back into the wild.

ENCORE paid for the vans that were used for transportation to Wolf Haven.
Wolf at WolfHaven   Wolf at WolfHaven
Guide and members at WolfHaven   Member with wolf hat WolfHaven  

QUIDNUNCS..A Spring 2015 Class Review
Submitted by Bernie Thomas, Coordinator

Sue Zerangue, instructor, has the capability of presenting classes that are informative and interesting. She has a long history of capturing the imagination of many through her classes. Her latest offering has been a hit and had class members returning week after week.

Cole Porter once wrote a great song "Anything Goes" - Well, Sue took this seriously, as that is the definition of the word QUIDNUNCS.

Each week she brought diverse subjects for group discussion. Also encouraging class members to do the same. Being adults, of course we minded our Ps and Qs. But such amazing topics arose from those in the class. This class was enlightening and fun - a bit of therapy, if you will. People always left the end of class looking forward to the next one. If you missed it this time, be sure to check it out when Sue does this again.

Click here for a list of courses that ENCORE presented to members in past years. What would YOU like to see in an ENCORE course in the future?

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